Monday, March 7, 2011


We’ve been friends with Dave and Rosemary for years.
Always compatible, always laughing.
But living together 24-7 for almost two weeks?
On a 42 foot sail boat? What were we thinking?

Well. Here’s how the good times rolled out with Dave and Rose in St. Lucia.

We started out right with a ‘Welcome aboard!’ drink.
Just one - we swear.

Next day we did a little provisioning in Vieux Fort.
The blog photographer calls this picture ‘Shopping Daze’.
Dazed maybe, but not confused.
We knew for sure that we wanted some of that fine Coconut Cream Liqueur.

After shopping and checking out the town,
we enjoyed a late lunch at the Old Plantation Yard.
The two captains had diet-friendly Pitons for dessert.

Rosie and Dave wanted to experience the cruising life as lived on Beach House,
so next day it was over to the beach to scrub the dinghy bottom.

Rosie and I kept a close eye on the worker bees, offering advice as needed.

They were …… amused.

Rosemary did some snorkeling off the beach and found a friend.

And Rose is a star herself, bringing goodies galore from Toronto
– chocolate, cashews, fresh herbs, cheese spreads, Bailey’s, excellent coffee,
and <drum roll please> rack of lamb.

Geoff barbied ......
...... while Rosie and I prepped the rest of the meal.
And then Dave thanked Rose as only a husband should.
Good food with good friends with laughs on the side.
Who could ask for anything more?

The north shore of Rodney Bay
is Pigeon Island National Park,
a great place for some serious sightseeing
among the fort ruins.
And the Jambe de Bois café is the perfect place
to end a hot morning of exploring.

Castries is the capital of St. Lucia and our next stop for some more good times.
A little sightseeing, a little shopping and a lunch at the Balcony Restaurant
with its extensive menu.

Lunch was delicious, the drinks were cold and the view of the local square
showed off the Independence Day bunting.

You’ve met Ken and Diane on this blog before.
They’re Canadian cruisers and have built a home here on St. Lucia.
They had guests at the same time Dave and Rose were with us on Beach House. The whole group spent a day touring together and another day taking Beach House from Vieux Fort to Soufriere, just north of the Pitons, on the west coast of St. Lucia.

These photos prove what a shy, retiring group we weren't.

And meet Biset. He was our driver on tour day
and joined us on Beach House for the sail up the west coast.
Biset brought the coconuts and yes - it's his machete.
The coconut water turned our rum punch into ambrosia.

But it wasn’t fun and games all the time.
There’s work to be done on a crusing boat.
And Dave and Rose were much more than guests
– they were mighty fine crew.

We’ve been to St. Lucia several times now.
It’s a beautiful island with something for everyone.
But enjoying the sights through the eyes of good friends?
Cheers Dave and Rosie!
We’re looking forward to more good times during your next visit.

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