Sunday, January 23, 2011


We’re pretty sure our favourite beach boy had fun on his visit to Grenada.
If he had half as much fun as Grandma and Grandpa, it’s all good.

But back to the beginning of this story.
Jake arrives.
Grandma's happy.
Someone said a few days later, “I can see the family resemblance. You have the same teeth.” Well, well. And the same cool sunglasses, too.

We wanted to keep Jake busy during his visit, but even more importantly, to give him some time to relax. As they say in the islands, “Time for limin’.”

Jake took to life on Beach House with ease. Just sitting and watching the neighbourhood is a valid pastime.
And the secret to escaping the hot, sticky weather?

Just a step away.

On Saturday morning, we waited at Nimrod’s for the local bus to St. George’s for a brief city walkabout.

And that evening, we went to Da Big Fish for dinner ......
...... and to enjoy the Doc Adams Blues Band.
While Grandma and Grandpa danced to Doc's easy listening music ......
...... Jake enjoyed the evening in his own quiet way.

We played Euchre with friends several times, sometimes on Beach House ......
...... and sometimes up at Clarke's Court Bay Marina.

This is Joe giving Jake some pool pointers.
Kim and Joe own Spice Kayaking. They take groups from the cruise ships on a little kayaking jaunt from Clarke’s Court Bay Marina round to Hog Island for drinks and lunch.
Guess who decided to give it a go.
There's a first time for everything.
At Hog Island that day, Jake talked music and bands with a couple of guys from one of the cruise ships.
Grandma listened in, not recognizing any groups they mentioned. Dying Fetus is a group?

We had Kim and Joe over to Beach House for dinner one evening, and Jake took the car to the dock to pick them up.
Here he’s concentrating on landing the dinghy at our stern ladder. Good job, Jake!

Facebook makes it easy to keep up with friends and family. We think Jake rather enjoyed asking them what the weather was like ‘way up north’ in Canada.

He stretched out to enjoy some comedy shows with us ......
...... and watched a movie or two.

But when you come to Grenada, ya gotta get out there and see some of this glorious island. Yes. A tour day.

Jake may not have enjoyed the rum tasting stop ……
...... or the photo-op views ......
...... but when he sensed the possibility of food?
Now we're talkin'!

A little snack for Jake while Michael Williams, our favourite guide, tells us about the special spiced rum at Mark’s Rum Shop.

At the next stop, Annandale Falls, Jake found a friend.
Monkeys make everybody smile.

Jake spent some quiet time at the falls and elected not to jump into the pool.
But Grandpa turned into quite a hambone.

Petite Anse Hotel, our lunch stop, has a large selection of coffee-table books for your viewing pleasure. Check out what Jake found to read.

The view at Petite Anse on the north coast of Grenada is spectacular.
Even impressed a 16-year-old.

Back on Beach House, it was time for Jake to finish his reading assignment.
The book report would be written on the plane ride home.

And all too soon, it was time to head to the airport for Jake’s return flight.

We love you, Jake!!! And all your new friends in Grenada say hello!!!

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  1. Terrific, we've been wondering how Jake fared and moreso you with a 16 year old, grandson or not. But it looks like everyone had a great, interesting time. Loved, LOVED the shots of Geoff jumping in the falls! We're back in Bequia. Have no idea where you are, but having fun for sure!