Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello Muddah - Hello Faddah
Here I am at - Camp Grenada
Where it's all – so enter-taining
We play cricket - there's no complaining

I went painting - to learn from Terry
Used water colours - very merry

And Bob's Marina - has a big screen
Where ev'ry Grand Prix - can be see---een
Don't take me home - oh Muddah, Faddah
I love the book swaps - here in Grenada
Please leave me here - out on the hook
I'll grab a beer - and read my book

Now I don't want - to cause you pain
But we play - Mex-i-can train

And you remember - FIFA World Cup
That's where Spaa- ain - beat Holland up

Don't take me home - don't make me cry
I love Burger night - love ev'ry french fry
So please, please, please - just let me stay
I want my fish and chips - ev'ry Friday

Dearest Faddah - Darling Muddah
How's my precious - little bruddah
If you miss me - don't worry 'bout me
Cause ev'ry Tuesday - I watch a movie

Almost forgot - there's jewelry making
Some are swimming                                                    
                                                            and some are diving
You might think - that I would miss ya
I really don't - but I still love ya.

And dear Muddah - and dear Faddah
There's Carnival - at Camp Grenada

And Gylfi's singing - at Roger's Beach Bar
I'll watch the sun set - where all my friends are
So goodbye Muddah - goodbye Faddah
I'll stay forever - at Camp Grenada


  1. Too cute. You make me want to untie the dock lines!

    I am going to be in the Bahamas over Christmas. Any chance you guys are heading that way?

    Santa Conch

  2. Love it! Except that we'll be singing that song all day now! On our way, we'll see you soon.

  3. Love the creativity guys! Both with the photos and the text!!!