Monday, February 15, 2010


When we arrived in Grenada last August, it was love at first sight. When we came back to Grenada after visiting Trinidad and Tobago, it felt like coming home. Grenada continues to charm us - the sights, the sounds, the colours, the people.

Our intention had been to move up island right after Christmas. When the shipment of a replacement part was delayed, we settled in to wait contentedly for a couple of weeks.
No hardship, no worries.

But life and good times can get in the way of plans. In mid January, we met a wonderful family at Clarke’s Court Bay Marina. Most of them live in Grenada and a few were visiting from Canada.

The evening seemed to be winding down. Then karaoke broke out.
Meet Geoffrey, Doug, Mona, Helen, Stephanie, and Ashlie – brothers and sisters and in-laws - oh my. And not a shrinking violet in the bunch.

Miss Kitty and I 'sang' back up –
 - micless and Milli Vanilli style, to the relief of anyone within earshot.

Ashlie is one of the brothers living in Grenada
and Geoffrey is the brother visiting from Toronto.
Bob, always in the thick of things, is the owner of Clarke’s Court Bay Marina, and, more importantly, the karaoke instigator.

After more singing, more beers and rums, Geoffrey invited Geoff and me to join the whole family at the Community Centre in Mt. Moritz, just north of St. George’s, for a breakfast fundraiser at the end of January. Were we going to refuse? Not a chance.
 It’s not that we need an excuse to stay in Grenada,
but if we did, this was a good one. We settled in for another two weeks.

Mona, one of the sisters, lives high on the hill above Lower Woburn. Look up, way up.
We can keep an eye on her place from 'Beach House'.
Mona picked us up at 7am on January 31 for the short drive to Mt. Moritz.
While she grabbed some food tickets …...
......  the gang lined up.
The parish ladies serving up breakfast were decked out in their finest Grenadian colours.

The local breakfast food that morning was interesting.
We had salt fish and salmon, shredded and fried up with onion and spices – provision (starches from the ground including yams, potatoes, cassava, and breadfruit) – sweet buns and corn bread – blood sausage (hmm – right below Vegemite on my list of “yuckies”).
There was coffee, of course, and the juice most of us ordered
was a passion fruit and ginger combination - excellent.

The place was filling up by 8am ……
…… and since the bar was opening up ......
......apparently it was time to put some rum into that delicious local juice. Who were we to argue with the local custom?
Geoff and the boys chatted over drinks – look who’s holding court.

We made a stop at Ashlie and Helen’s home after breakfast.
We didn’t take many pictures there – it felt a bit intrusive.
But a picture of this view from their verandah?
What a beautiful sight overlooking north St. George’s.

And here's their watch dog.
Check out the size of that Rotweiler paw in my hand.
He’s eleven-weeks-old with a lot of growing to do.

Since it was now the end of January, we couldn’t leave 
without enjoying the sights and colours leading up
to Grenada’s 36th Independence Day on February 7th.

The bunting and pennants were everywhere.
The road embankments were painted red, yellow, and green.
Even the trucks moving construction equipment got into the act.

And now Valentine’s Day has come and gone. We’re ‘stuck’ in Grenada again, till the end of February, waiting for Geoff’s appointment with a local dermatologist – nothing serious –
just the usual check of sun-damaged skin.

While we wait, we continue to spend time with cruising friends old and new. We respond quickly to smiling faces and positive attitudes. People show their true colours pretty quickly out here.

Meet Dudley and Becky.
They’re from ‘Altair’, a 34-foot Tartan.

This is an old friend on the left, Charles from s/v ‘Margaret Sharon’.
Charles is chatting up new friends Kathy and Greg from ‘Indigo’,  a 42-foot Cabo Rico.

Here are Gene and Susea.
They call 'Moody Blues' home, a 50-foot Catalina.
They have a washing machine and a bath tub.

And hugs and kisses to William and Kate from ‘Alouette’, a Shannon 43.
Hey. Guess William sunk that shot.
We met these guys in Trinidad and were thrilled to see them
and their parents, John and Sue, here in Clarke’s Court Bay last week.
Good things happen when you wait in Grenada.


  1. Thanks for your great Caribbean blog to warm up an otherwise dreary day in Toronto. Happy Cruising!

  2. Oh no, by so beautifully showing and profoundly telling everyone about Grenada's "True Colours," there will be a population explosion! Good show and lovely paced blog. P.S. we wash clothes in the tub and bath in the washing machine . . .

  3. You guys are haivng just too much fun. Looks good on you both. Sail while you can. Lots of love from Hog Town.
    Wendy S.

  4. Hi Geoff and Pat
    It looks like you guys are having a great time of it. Scary to think we may have indirectly contributed to your dissolute life style by selling you Tawee. Deb and I have since moved to Prince Edward Count, which is as close as we're going to get to the islands, I'm afraid, with the exception perhaps of Main Duck.
    Treat Hull