Saturday, August 29, 2009


There are many ways for us to get around Grenada. Some of the marinas have reasonably-priced shuttles to the shopping areas, private taxis are always an option, but we really enjoy travelling with the locals. The buses are a cheap and colourful way to get a mini tour of Grenada, especially when the driver takes the long way around to pick up a regular who's not on the route.

The buses are stretch vans with five rows of seats. There's comfortable seating for 12 passengers, plus the driver ......

......and the 'conductor' who sits by the one sliding door. We were in a bus earlier this week with 18 people crammed into 12 seats, but no matter - the locals are polite and patient. And the price is right. A single one-way fare is $2.50EC from Woburn to St. George's. That's about 95 cents US.

So let's back up a bit. Come along with us as we get from 'Beach House' to the bus.

We hoist Cabana Buoy on the davits every night. It's just a sensible safety precaution - dinghies and outboards have been known to go walkabout.
So before we can head off, Geoff does lowering honours ......

...... then I hand off the bags.

From our anchorage here in Clarke's Court Bay, it's about a quarter mile to the Woburn 'town dock'.

As dinghy docks go, this one is a little sad ......

...... but it's close to the bus stop, and has cleats for the chain and lock.

Getting off this dock is interesting.
Geoff looks at these boards ......

...... and sees a bridge from the dock to land.

I see narrow, wobbly planks and always take a moment to gather myself.

Then the thought of shopping for new sandals lures me across the abyss.

Once ashore, we cross a private backyard ......

...... and go up the shady path beside the house.

The path comes out ......

......into a carwash. We didn't believe it the first time.

From here, it's about a block up to the main road in Lower Woburn.

Nimrod's Rum Shop is the bus stop. Well, not officially, but it's a good place to wait, and handy if you're thirsty. But you can pretty much stand anywhere along the bus routes and the drivers will stop for you.

Here comes our bus. See you in St. George's?


  1. Ahhh, sweet memories. How we miss Grenada's bus rides and Nimrods! Thanks for the reminders and great pictures.

  2. What a great entry - and people wonder "what do you do all day" - we were exhausted by the journey - and needed a Carib! Great photo essay (and captions) and lots of memories. We'll steal this idea for our blog! cheers - michael and barbara - sv astarte

  3. Ask the guy at Nimrod's about "crossing the bridge". Harry

  4. At least you have a bridge to cross. We are still awaiting government approvals to rebuild one to cross the Trent Severn in Bobcaygeon.
    You certainly bring to life with words & pictures what I remember was the trip from Prickly Bay to town

    Lady Simcoe

  5. Hey the blog, better than email. Allows for easier reference to the pix, and you can post way more pix. Love it!